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Mahabir Mechanical Works

Sham Nagar, Patiala Road,
Rajpura . (Pb) India
Ph : +91-1762-504881,

Fax : +91-1762-504881.
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Sister's Concern
M/s. Mahabir Foundary & Engg. Works
M/s. Dhiman Engineering & Fabrication.

About Company

We are specialist in rice milling machinery, Since 1977 such as  Pneumatic Paddy De Husker, Paddy Separator, Paddy De Husker, Rice Cone Polisher, Vertical Rice Whitener, Plant Shifter, Mini Type Paddy De Husker, Horizontal Rice Polisher . Mahabir Mechanical Works is a professionally managed organization which has accepted the challenges to produce quality that sets the standards of the country. Since its inception the company has scaled many unsurpassed heights in the business . The company is led by professionals with distinguished track records. The company's pursuit for excellence is a never ending process.


We have always maintained the standards of our products. All our machines are subjected to stringent quality tests, before they are finally delivered to our clients. This responsibility is entrusted to our Quality assured department. Cost effectiveness is our elite objective. Through are rigorous efforts and will to succeed we have earned a good reputation in the local market and are exporting our machinery to various countries.


The team of dexterous workers have the required experience to perform the best. We have all the in- built facilities that a company of our stature requires. We are firmly rooted to innovations and all kinds of improvisations, that have been taking place in the industry. Our managers work in tandem with the supervisors to ensure that our products meet the expectations of customers. The company also has requisite financial, technical and commercial capability.

The company's high quality products and assurance of good returns for money have fetched it he accolades from reputed clients. The organization exports to various demanding and wide markets of the world.

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